Healing Codes

Healing Reflexation (healing codes) used in deconditioning tinnitus, sudden deafness, Menière’s disease and migraines. Biomental deconditioning training is the conditioning of long lasting disruptive reflexes known as tinnitus, sudden deafness, Menière’s disease, migraines, etc.. Hearing disorders, dizziness, ringing in the ear and migraines can be cured by deconditioning!
 These clinical pictures are not incurable illnesses, as they were once thought to be, and are not expressions of neurotic personality either. Sudden deafness, dizziness, ringing in the ear and migraines are simply natural protection reflexes fighting against too many burdens. Psycho-neuro-immunbiological tension reflexation caused by burdens, very often sets off disruptive reflexes that hinder the circulation of blood in the ear as well as in the body itself. These reflexes finally become a noticeable functioning disturbance of the ear or rather manifested in the brain.
The therapy methods developed by Dr. Hans Greuel (M.D.), the Biomental Therapy, fit the following criteria:
1. The goal of the Biomental Therapy is alleviation and to become cured (e.g. from tinnitus) and not having to get used to it.
2. A research report has been presented about the effects of the therapy. The results of the therapy are not to be studied by the therapeutical establishment or institution, but rather by an independent and nutral institution for research (BOSOFO – Bochumer Sozialmedizinische Forschung).
3. The research report contains evidence mentioned by the treated patients about the effectivness of the therapy, a few weeks after the therapy has ended.
4. The research report on the therapy has been published by a state office (BMA – Bundesminister für Arbeit und Soziales), so that the results are accessible to the general public.

Step No. 1:

Getting started: In order to become informed and realize that tinnitus and other similar illnesses such as sudden deafness, Menière’s disease and migraines, are curable we recommend tv-interviews, articles and the book, „Tinnitus is curable!„. This book is written by former patients and shows their way to recovery by using the Biomental Therapy (foreword of Prof. Dr. Karl-Josef Frey, em. professor in ordinary of cognitive psychology at University of Heidelberg, visiting professor at Berkeley University of California). Another book written by a former patient is called, „Tinnitus the Secret Way to Recovery-Biomental Therapy uncovering the blind Dogma of conventional medicine and gave me a cure„. It should as well give courage and hope enabling a strong recovery.

Step No. 2:

More knowledge: According to a check-list in the book, „Tinnitus is curable! Up to the Ears“ (in German and in English language) written by Dr. Greuel, you will find a concrete reference to the reasons behind your condition. As a rule, the people affected with such illnesses are well able to relate to this book. It is of upmost importance, for curing tinnitus, sudden deafness, Menière’s disease and migraines, that the sufferers understand and know as much about their illness as possible.

Step No.3:

The Biomental-Teleclinic-Therapy by Dr. med. Hans Greuel MD