Help for Self-Help

Help for Self-Help: Cured people teach how and why a cure is possible.
A former patient (Karin Peperkorn) wrote her own book about her cure and together with us, founded the non-profit help-organisation Tinnitus-Hilfe e.V. (Tinnitus-Help-Society). Her own experiences and the experiences of other sufferers has contributed to a large enrichment of my knowledge as a doctor.
Help towards Self-Help should also be possible when dealing with more serious illnesses
Spontaneous healing from sudden deafness and tinnitus are known and are explained in medical literature. Mind you spontaneous remission happens very seldom. I am completely convinced, that the „Acute Sudden Deafness Therapy“, the „Biomental Therapy“ and the „Biomental Home Therapy“* can set the same mechanisms into motion that occur during this seldom self healing. In the few cases known to me, spontaneous healing is proceeded by extreme changes in ones life, and also followed by psychophysiological reactions, which can cure. Pharmaceutical and genetic engineering possibilities can only help if they simultaneously create damage somewhere else in the body. For this reason my goal is to research self- healing-mechanisms, that also lead to spontanious healing of other more severe illnesses without causing any further damage.“

MentOhr Videos (1 to 31) Tinnitus sound therapy pieces of 10 hours each for masking ear noises for sleep disorders – free of charge on YouTube.

Biomental Home Therapie: Reading the book and using the CD three times a day.

*Tinnitus is curable ! „Up to the ears“ (PDF+BiomentEar3.mp3 as link)