Tinnitus – The secretive chance to heal.
written by Karin Peperkorn

On the following pages a woman describes how she was able to deal with her sickness and explains her way to recovery: „you don’t have to live with it, there is a cure.“
After having suffered for six years, in which time I had been through many kinds of treatments carried out by different doctors, I still wasn’t able to find a treatment or a support group that was of any help to me or that was in any way effective. I lost all hope of ever living a normal life without having some kind of hearing problem, ringing in the ears or dizziness along with nausea. Then one day I found out about the Biomental Therapy by Dr. Greuel.
Being quite sceptical I tried to find out more. I received back-up and encouragement from the Biomental self help group, made up of former patients who had also given up on school medicine like me. „Tinnitus-Hilfe e.V.“ (Tinntus-Help-Society), is the only German tinnitus support organization that teaches you to get rid of tinnitus instead of orcing you to get used to it. I spoke with others that have been cured, who like me, had also been left alone by the medical system. They were able to receive help from the Biomental Therapy developed by Dr. Greuel in 1981. I was no longer sceptical after having read a few books written by Dr. Greuel and a scientific report in which he gave a summary by order of the Federal Minister of Labor and Social Affairs. I decided to go through with the treatment.
The treatment was succsessful and after becoming cured of all my burdens, that I had had, I wrote a chapter in the book „Tinnitus ist Heilbar“ (Tinnitus is Curable), along with help from other cured patients in Tinnitus-Help Society. Our intentions were to give the readers a strength and hope and to let them know that nobody has to learn to live with tinnitus.
My newly published book is to give sufferers a direction through and out of their sickness until they become healed. On the way to recovery some steps must be taken alone, without the help of a doctor. Therefore some sufferers can be helped just from reading instructions of the book „Up to the Ears“ and from hearing Biomentear-CDs (also in English language) by Dr. Hans Greuel (M.D.) (see Dr. Hans Greuel on YouTube). A few of them have mentioned this in the book „Tinnitus ist Heilbar“. (We regret to inform you that the only book offered in English at the moment is the book, „Up to the Ears“ – for free on
Karin Peperkorn (1996): Tinnitus – Die verschwiegene Heilungschance – (the chance of healing kept quiet) – Biomental Therapy uncovers the blind dogma of the medical sytem and has given me healing.
Hopefully I was able to help you with this information and these tips.