We present our psychosomatic telemedical focus:

Biomental teleklinic therapy for tinnitus, sudden hearing loss, Menière’s disease (dizziness) but also migraine sufferers was developed from Biomental Therapy according to Dr. Greuel® developed. Except for a technical part of the treatment in the practice, in which the reflexes to be activated are made noticeable by auxiliary procedures and apart from the direct personal contact, the rest of the treatment is identical to the telemedical one. In the absence of auxiliary procedures, more imagination is required or you can get your own aids, e.g. an air bed and a hot water bottle.

The use of the aids is explained by email during the teleclinic therapy.

As an alternative to treatment in the practice Dr. Greuel can be treated personale and individually with telemedicine for those who are unable to travel, live far from Düsseldorf and want to save hotel costs or time. The necessary instructions and audio files and video files are  emailed.
After you have had sufficient Information about the Biomental Therapy according to Dr. Greuel®, you can inquire about the first appointment under   tel .: +49 2132 9958995 and then register here.

10 appointments for therapy instructions via email are required once a week or at larger intervals. As part of the 10 telemedical discussions and treatments, the psycho-functional or somatoform functional disorders of the inner ear and / or balance organ are deconditioned by the disease-causing neuro-vegetative impulses with the help of individually developed biomental organ codes © („Healing Codes „).

A corresponding code can be decrypted for each organ of a person and each mode of operation, with which the organ can be specifically controlled and corrected. Regular correction in the form of biomental training with the audio file leads to the deconditioning of the disturbed impulses. The air bed and the hot water bottle support relaxation and blood circulation and thus the activation of the healing codes.

The telemedical focus also includes bibliotherapy, reading books and articles about the healing process and listening to sound therapy CDs from Dr. Greuel.

The above treatment in practice is a highly effective therapy method. Biomental Therapy according to Dr. Greuel® is an advanced behavioral therapy that takes place in the practice rooms and has been awarded a research report 214b by the Federal Minister of Labor and Social Affairs for the treatment of tinnitus, sudden hearing loss and Menière’s disease.

Decades after the discovery of Biomental Therapy in 1981 for sustained improvement in the blood flow to the inner ears, Botox therapy was developed to temporarily improve the blood flow.