The Biomental Therapy

The Biomental Therapy by Dr. Hans Greuel® for Therapy of Chronic Tinnitus
Tinnitus has become a national disease which occurs on its own or accompanied by sudden deafness or vertigo (Menière’s disease). In 1981 the Doctor of Medicine Hans Greuel discovered a therapy that cures acute loss of hearing (Sudden Deafness) within 15 minutes. Even acute tinnitus and acute Menière’s disease were eradicated just as fast. If, though, the start of the illness occurred more than several days, weeks, months, years or even decades ago, an extended treatment program is required – Biomental Therapy. In about 80% of all cases this therapy significantly reduces the pain or completely cures the disease (Research Report). According to scientific studies of Germany’s Federal Minister of Labour Affairs, this therapy is the world’s most effective method for curing the above mentioned illnesses. So far, more than 30,000 treatments have been successfully carried out and documented in numerous books.
How is such a cure possible? On one hand it has to do with the specific kind of therapy utilizing organ suggestion (healing codes*), where sensory perception provokes vegetative and neurohormonic reactions of the brain. On top of that, spontaneous healing activities occur in the sense organ ear, which is part of the brain. On the other hand it has to do with the participation of the patient, who will learn about the five necessary healing reflexes important in correcting his/her impaired physiological response patterns. He/She will also learn how to train these reflexes biomentally in such a manner that the healing reflexes are conditioned in order to have a lasting effect.
*(scientifically selected and clinically tested optical, acoustic, haptic and mental stimuli of certain quality, quantity and succession according to a secret recipe, partly in form of video animations and sound compositions).

The effectiveness of biomental therapy became known beyond the borders of Germany.